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Christopher Galvan

Guitar Instructor

Resources for new guitar students

Practical application of music theory for the instrumentalist/performer. For students 12 +

We have to learn music theory before we can apply it!

For controlling and positioning your device:

Tuner App for tuning your guitar as we develop our ears:

A place for your sheet music to live:

For reading/basic theory skills:

A place for your songs, scales, solos, chords. This is your journal:


An armless chair to practice in

A well lit, private room to practice in

An allotted practice time(s) for 30-45 minutes each day, 4-5 days per week. The time does not have to be consecutive. For example: The student may work on reading for 15 minutes in the morning, scales for 15 minutes after school, songs for 15 minutes before bed. We all have different schedules and routines, so improvisation is encouraged with this, but some level of routine is essential for consistent improvement.

Guitar picks, any brand, medium gauge would be ideal at first

Amplifier and guitar cable, if playing electric guitar

A good internet connection; It helps if there are fewer people on the internet in your house while lessons are in-session

It would be helpful if the camera is set up in such a way that Chris can see both hands and the entire guitar. Panoramic view works best. Also, see the gooseneck link above.