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Christopher Galvan

Guitar Instructor




B.M. Berklee College of Music, considered by many to be the top conservatory in the world.

Former Adjunct Professor of Music at NVCC Alexandria Campus.

Primary styles of expertise: jazz(all sub-genres), blues, rock(all sub-genres), metal, classical, pop, folk, country, R&B(classic and modern).

Extensive experience (25 years) with every kind of student at every skill level.

Specialization in college/conservatory preparation, all styles and skill levels.

Taught thousands of students all over the country.

Developed proven methods for each type of student’s learning style, to improve student abilities quickly and efficiently.

Built a reputation as one of the top teachers in the D.C. area with proven methods that work.

Teaching Approach

Hi! My name is Chris and I don’t see skill level.

The learning process is the same regardless of skill level.

I’ve been teaching music for many years at every level, from scratch beginners to college conservatory professors, to professional touring musicians, and I have learned over these years from my students and teachers, how to teach you more about guitar, and more specifically, music than you can probably imagine.

You’ll learn how to figure out songs by ear, by yourself, how to write your own music if you want to, and how to arrange and organize it.

I will teach you ear training, theory, composition, and arranging, and tools like: chords, scales, arpeggios, progressions, techniques, concepts, and much more, no matter your experience level.

I will teach you rhythmic concepts like: how to play in time, how to develop a consistent rhythmic feel in every style and time signature, and how to play stylistically appropriately.

You will learn to improvise. Improvisation is the highest level of art.

As mentioned, I also specialize in college/conservatory prep. I will get you ready for that audition. You’ll walk into the audition knowing that you did everything that you could do. My students have gone to Berklee, Julliard, Yale, New England Conservatory, and many other prestigious institutions locally and abroad. Some of them have received partial, and even full scholarships. I can’t guarantee the result, but I can guarantee that you will know exactly what is required of you to achieve the result, and we will design a strategy together that helps you organize your practice and study efficiently.

My larger objective as an artist, teacher, and most importantly, as a lifelong student, is to teach you how to teach yourself, and how to practice efficiently.

I look forward to working with you!